Here at KMK we understand that in order to play optimally in a new disease space you must first understand its market structure, dynamics, and competition. We believe tailored up-to-date data is the best starting point for strategic decision making. To ensure all projects optimally achieve their objectives, research, analysis and insight identification are all performed by senior team members.

To help brands find their place in the market:

  • We provide a ‘storylined integration of insights’ vs. a ‘menu dump’ while still delivering a  rigorous break down of the market including competitive landscape, saturation points and unmet needs
  • We help teams define data-based strategies for their new indication, product or acquisition

KMK's cross-business unit expertise incorporates a variety of research types, and the robustness of research is tailored to your needs.

Primary Market Research

Opportunity Assessment

Perception of product & potential use cases

Identification of unmet needs met by product

Unmet Needs Evaluation

Identify white space within the market

Understand who is underserved within market population

Payer Attitudinal Assessment

Gain understanding of payer perspectives

Get guidance on potential access and coverage needs

Baseline ATU

Evaluate current stakeholder awareness and usage

Secondary Data Evaluation

Target Market Potential

Define the market (key drug classes/products)

Market sizing

Historical events impacts

Analogue Identification & Evaluation

environmental factors and potential reception including challenges and access

Preliminary Customer Identification & Profiling

Potential by HCP specialty; top specialties/HCPs, early adopters

Potential by account types; top accounts

Patient profile (demographic and clinical)

Referral network analytics

Behavioral segmentation (HCP)

Desk Research

Product Overview

Review and analysis of previously completed research

Asset and pipeline 


KOL identification

Foundation/3rd Party

Investment and research

Advocacy support group analysis

Disease Landscape


Treatment approaches and clinical guidelines

Treatment algorithm changes over time due to new drug additions or new information

Competitive Landscape

Pipeline assessment

Market events

Get ahead with enhanced market understanding

Our expert market research team is here to guide you, every step of the way. Get in touch today.

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