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Drive Better Results: Using Technology in Your Product Commercialization Planning

Effective data management should treat enterprise information as the strategic asset it is, while providing end-to-end business oversight and paving the way to strategic capability and operational excellence. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies struggle with their data management capabilities due to missing technology elements and IT-related challenges such as integration, scalability & inefficiency of point solutions, just to name a few.

To combat this, KMK has developed a cloud-native data management platform – VORTEX. This fully integrated, turnkey Business Intelligent (BI) platform includes a Data Warehouse, Master Data Management, Analytical Data Mart, Integration Hub, Analytics Modules, Pre-built reports & dashboards, and an AI/ML toolbox.


Vakhtang Agayan

Chief Technology Officer

Kun Liu

Associate Principal, Commercial Ops & Analytics

Nitin Kumar

Manager, Commercial Analytics

In this webinar led by KMK’s Associate Principal of Commercial Operations and Analytics, Kun Liu, Chief Technology Officer, Vakhtang Agayan,  and Data Management SME, Nitin Kumar, we will consider how to combat common data management challenges from both functional and operational perspectives, and we’ll introduce you to the power of VORTEX.


Watch the discussion on-demand, and get answers to questions such as:

    • How can data be mined and retained at the highest quality?
    • What are the key elements of an effective data management solution?
    • What approaches can best address IT challenges that companies may face in their data management solutions?
    • What tools can be leveraged and implemented immediately at your organization?

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