Design Thinking Day

Join us September 22, 2021 for a full day of Market Research exploration!


It is said that design is too big and important an idea to be left to designers. We couldn’t agree more.

At KMK, design thinking is hard-wired into the DNA of our market research practice.  It fuels the innovative research methods we develop and drives the brand and business building insights we deliver to our clients.   And it has sparked the interest  and imagination of many of our clients.  So many, in fact, that we’ve decided to organize KMK’s first Design Thinking for Healthcare Market Research Day, a  virtual conference dedicated to education on the practical application of design to market research.

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STARTS SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 @ 9:30 AM

In this conference, we’ll introduce you to the many ways in which design thinking, both as a philosophy and a process, can help you develop a deeper understanding of patients and physicians, harness the power of interdisciplinary perspectives, bridge the gap between insights and action, and ultimately craft patient/customer centric commercial strategies. You’ll leave with an appreciation for the power of design thinking, a handful of case studies, and a toolbox of practical techniques to help you on your own design thinking journey.

The program will be targeted at market research and marketing professionals in biopharma, medical devices and healthcare providers

Part 1

9/22 Morning Sessions


9:30 AM

What is Design Thinking?

9:45 AM

Keynote Speaker

10:30 AM

Empathy & Understanding

11:00 AM

Design Thinking & Decision Journey

11:45 AM

Lunch Break

12:30 PM

Part 2

9/22 Afternoon Sessions

Eliciting Mental Models

1:30 PM

Design Thinking & Simulation

2:15 PM

Design Thinking & Development

3:00 PM


3:45 PM

Participatory Exercise

4:00 PM

Panel Discussion & Wrap up

4:30 PM