Data Management

We can help you navigate procuring, storing, validating, integrating and using data to best serve your commercialization needs.

We Can Solve Your Challenges in Data Management.

Do you struggle with:

Identifying accurate, quality datasets best suited to your current and future business needs?

The data assessment experts at KMK will help define and then procure the optimal dataset type, vendor, price, terms and conditions to best suit your current business case and future needs.

Getting the right data to support your business case, rather than IT perspectives?

The KMK data warehouse and master data management platform are built on practical, business case experience to give you scrubbed and validated data to support your analysis in a matter of minutes.

Maintaining your ever-changing HCP accounts?

The experienced team at KMK will set up systematic processing of end user accounts for HCP edits due to death, retirement or moving so your sales team has the latest account information at their fingertips.

Eliminating data silos?

KMK will establish automated data integration with your CRM system and HCP/account affiliation programs to give you one single source of truth so there are no more negotiating data siloes.

Preserving the quality of your data?

KMK offers highly automated data and reporting operations with built-in exhaustive data validation checks and linkage of data and analytics to business processes for quick and accurate analytic updates.

The KMK data management team has extensive experience in leveraging technologies and assessing data to help you evaluate what is most useful to your business case. With KMK on your team, you can put aside concerns about working with compromised business analytics due to data challenges and inaccuracies. Our integrated analytics platforms deliver timely, accurate insights to drive your commercial operations, and we will work with you to customize the scope of work to suit your budget and timing to best support your business planning and execution.

Data Assessment


KMK offers what you need to optimize results: 

Data is key to supporting your business case. Having the right dataset to do so is critical. KMK has the experience to help you get it right the first time.

Data Warehousing & Master Data Management


That’s where KMK Consulting can help you.

As your need for datasets grows, so does the management complexity. KMK will work with you to provide secure, cloud-based storage, where we validate and integrate the data for processing, making sure to best suit your business needs now and in the future.

When you partner with KMK for your data management, you will benefit from: