Dani Heywood


“The subject matter knowledge isn’t enough to gain the desired results, one needs to combine it with a strategic vision, transparency, determination, and an engaging interpersonal style on a sustainable basis.”

Dani Heywood
About Dani Heywood

The Contributing Role

Connected with KMK in 2022 as a President, Dani is contributing to the organization alongside Founder and CEO Michael Karbachinskiy. With her years of experience, she smoothly manages operational functioning and is responsible for formulating plan-of-action for the effective implementation of the KMK strategies while integrating offerings among the business units.

She is proficient in fostering discipline to establish a high-yielding culture for efficacious project development, business growth, and human resource development while substantiating the executive client relationship model and a profitable portfolio.

She also has been a Vistage member for four years and is enrolled in the Vistage Stanford Executive Leadership program.

The Area of Expertise

Dani possesses expertise in Oncology and has assisted some of the well-established brands with their initial launch and beyond as they expanded into additional indications or earlier lines of use. She has experience in forming and leading an international market research team and has launched the USA presence for an international research company and grown it into a profitable eight-figure business.

Additionally, she also has knowledge of behavioral science and has presented on the same at Intellus.

The Background

Dani is a native of the UK and received her Ph.D. from Leeds University, focused on looking at molecular genetics of vascular disorders. After completion, she worked with Unilever for five years in the hair care division, where she evolved her understanding of brands and consumers. However, to continue her passion for science, she relocated to the USA in 2004 and moved to Adelphi.

Since then, she has been building processes, strategies, and teams to deliver on growth targets in the Pharma/Biotech professional services space at an executive level.