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Consultant, Commercial Performance C00283

The seasoned consultant brings over seven years of experience and a wealth of expertise in analytics, insights generation, and brand performance enhancement. Skilled in SAS, SQL, Tableau, and more, they have successfully led data-driven initiatives, optimized sales force strategies, and made significant contributions to commercial excellence.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc. (Feb 20 – Present)
Manager – Commercial Performance           

⦿ Conducted launch performance diagnostics and product deep dive, developed launch KPIs, provided RWD-based inputs to forecasting processes, and synthesized primary research findings and secondary data insights into one insightful, objective, and coherent brand performance assessment for various brands
⦿ Forecasted demand, created reports and provided analytical support for Forecasting team for drugs in the Cart-T market

Team Lead – Patient Specialty Services (Feb 18 – Feb 20)

⦿ Successfully designed and deployed dashboard monitoring key adherence KPIs for different patient cohorts over time
⦿ Leveraged specialty pharmacy and APLD data to analyze and report on patient persistency and compliance and shared these results with the brand team
⦿ Designed and built analytics ready datasets to be used for statistical modelling
⦿ Built statistical models (logistic regression, parametric survival analysis, etc) to estimate drivers of adherence
⦿ Supported ad-hoc requests around adherence program activity and performance (persistency, compliance, engagement) and built standard reports to address common requests


⦿ Created and ran weekly reports to monitor copay program performance for multiple brands
⦿ Provided insights leading to determination of key business rules for the launch of new copay solution
⦿ Identified operational and data issues in implementation on new copay solution and brought up said issues with respective teams
⦿ Supported ad-hoc requests around copay program activity as well as performance

Analyst – Sales Operations (July 16 – Jan 18)

⦿ Targeting and Call Planning: Used statistical tools such as Linear Regression and Logistic Regression to create a Targeting Model which used analogs to better identify physicians to promote to for a newly launched drug. Used inputs from Targeting to create Call Plans for Sales Reps to promote to.
⦿ Sales Force Sizing and Alignment: Leveraged promotion response and workload constraints to design models for optimal size of sales force team and made changes to current alignment based on output of sizing and targeting analysis
⦿ KPI Tracking and Dashboard Design: Identified and defined KPIs that best capture brand performance; designed and deployed excel based dashboards to track such KPIs over time
⦿ Promotion Response and ROI Analysis: Conducted analyses to optimize sales force promotion as well as estimate sales force size for new launch product

Consultant (May 15 – Aug 15 )

⦿ Worked as a data mining consultant with the manufacturing team to predict tool failure

Technical Skills

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SAS, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), SQL, Tableau, Alteryx, Arena, JMP, Minitab, AutoCAD, ProE, Solid Works


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M.E Industrial and Systems Engineering (May 16)
Lehigh University   

B.E Production Engineering (May 13)
Mumbai University

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