Analytically driven and ambitious professional having 3+ years of diverse experience in customer insights, business consulting, data management and business reporting. Skilled in data analytics, statistics, modelling and visualization.

Industry and Project Experience

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KMK Consulting Inc | USA, Consultant/Field Force Analytics Lead, Insights and Execution (May 2022- Present)

⦿ Currently working as a Field Analytics Lead for a Big 5 Pharma company in their Insights and Execution team to drive analytics for a vast field force of 1500+ reps in the Cardiovascular market
⦿ Build strategic business partnerships by initiating diverse analytical projects with the key stakeholders across marketing, sales, analytics, operations and incentive compensation
⦿ Master data flows through multi-platform environment, define and build KPIs to evaluate the field performance in order to determine actionable insights and execute them to see the impact
⦿ Communicate project status and results effectively to all the stakeholders

Business Process Management Firm | USA, Lead Business Analyst, Hematology Sales Support & Field Analytics (Oct 2020 – May 2022)

⦿ Developed Tableau dashboards showcasing KPIs that give insights into Sales Trends, Customer Segmentation, Targeting and Incentive compensation
⦿ Collaborated with data vendors to obtain right data sources required for analyses, manage Salesforce (Veeva CRM) and in-built platforms for the field
⦿ Built a predictive algorithm using machine learning models for an ongoing project ‘Smart Alerts’, aiming to get a data- driven understanding of patient journey to predict where patients are in the journey and their likely paths so that we can unlock new opportunities and defined tactics
⦿ Consolidate raw data sources like patient claims data, non-retail, specialty pharmacy and shipments data to get an integrated nationwide demand across all the products in the AML, MM, Myeloid markets

Pharma Consulting Firm, Decision Analytics Associate, Oncology Analytics Pod (Mar 2018 – Jul 2019)

⦿ Performed launch analytics and developed recommendations for product launch in gigantic $150B Oncology Market by leveraging patient level claims data and electronic medical records
⦿ Developed key performance metrics to quantify sales force impact and involved in spatial analysis to help the client identify pockets of opportunities using R Studio and Teradata
⦿ Developed segment profiling for patients in the Pulmonary disease market using the market research data to derive insights for determining differentiating factors across multiple attributes such as disease perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, and receptivity to the product
⦿ Researched and analyzed the $2 Billion cancer profiling market; analysis was used as an input for the production of a newly launched profiling kit
⦿ Determined the size of sales force required for a new product launch based on market potential; found the optimal geographical alignment for them and helped them in customer prioritization doing targeting exercises
⦿ Special recognition for designing and implementation of a new process which reduced manual effort by over 50% and minimized the human error

Education Firm, Business Development Executive (Mar 2017 – Feb 2018)

⦿ Sarcasm Detection using NLP: Built a model to detect sarcasm in news headlines using Keras in Jupytr Notebook (Python), final model resulted with an accuracy of 86%
⦿ Prediction of Housing Prices using ML: Conducted a research on the factors influencing the housing prices using the statistical modeling techniques like Linear Regression and Decision Trees on the Boston Housing data set in R
⦿ Default Risk Prediction using ML: Developed a classification model in R to predict probability of credit default
⦿ Profitable Investments using Time Series: Analyzed rental, property, and revenue data in R to recommend most profitable zip codes for investment within the New York City.
⦿ Detection of Malignancy in Breast Cancer cells using ML: Techniques used include CART, Random Forest, Neural Network

Technical Skills

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Key Skills: Data Management, Wrangling, Visualization, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence & Reporting, Forecasting, Statistical Modelling, Simulation Modelling, Big Data Integration

Tools: Python, R, SQL, SAS, Tableau, AWS, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint

Activities & Achievements

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State-level Gold Medal and a National level player – Kayaking and Roller Skating (2015)
Guinness World Record holder for “Most people solving Rubik’s Cube” (2012)


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Master’s in business Analytics
University of Cincinnati, US (2020)

Bachelor in civil engineering

College of Engineering Pune, India (2016)

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