Full career experience in an analytical role within the pharmaceutical commercialization realm with hands-on programming experience in IMS and Symphony data. Deep understanding of full-cycle sales operations analyses, especially for mid to large-sized pharma companies.

Industry and Project Experience

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KMK Consulting Inc. Feb 2015 – Present

Mature Pharma Company, Commercial Analytics Consultant

⦿ Perform descriptive and predictive analytics using various data sources (e.g. Xponent, APLD, DDD, HCOS, Calls & Samples, Claims, etc.) to communicate project findings to cross-functional teams or stakeholders. Provide data-driven business insights for brand teams to improve marketing and sales activities and promote growth
⦿ Conduct patient journey analytics by leveraging Anonymous Longitudinal Patient Data (APLD) to track patient treatments over time and answer business questions about the market
⦿ Perform promotion response analyses for ROI measurements and assessments to support client marketing strategy decisions
⦿ Develop and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or dashboards to measure brand and market performance and sales force execution. Also, work with sales activity and event data for reach and frequency analyses for better sales force promotion effectiveness and efficiency
⦿ Generate analytic reports, tables, graphics, and slides to evaluate brand performance (e.g. track DTC performance, non-retail business, etc.) and present a summary of key findings to brand teams

Emerging Pharma Company, Unit Data Analyst

⦿ Cleaned and processed large pharmaceutical sales datasets, identified and discovered target patient populations, designed quarterly marketing plans and incentive plans along with client stakeholders
⦿ Developed and maintained Analytical Data Mart including working with large-scale pharmaceutical retail and non-retail data. Familiar with ETL processes and automation
⦿ Integrated data from multiple sources and data providers for downstream users; created centralized data warehouses hosting feeds from CRM and IMS/Symphony data
⦿ Designed and created account base targeting methodologies to improve promotion efficiency
⦿ Created Incentive Compensation payout workbooks on a quarterly basis according to the rule-based algorithm
⦿ Developed an online Call Plan Management Tool to provide users with business-actionable insights and the ability to perform self-service analytics

Technical Skills

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Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Others: SQL, Tableau, Power Bl


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M.E. Industrial and Systems Engineering Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA – (Jan 2015)
B.S. Mechanical Design
Manufacturing and Automation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China – (Jun 2012)


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SAS Base &Advanced Certified Programmer
SAS Enterprise Miner & SAS Enterprise Guide
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