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Choosing The Right Consulting Partner

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Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing pervasive and impactful challenges to their commercialization business model. The Inflation Reduction Act in the USA, regulatory changes such as Conditional Market Authorization (CMA) in Europe, and rebates in the UK are some examples of external pressures occurring while gene therapy is creating a revolution within by changing the treatment paradigm from ongoing to one-off treatments that can last for decades or a lifetime. This combination of external and internal changes is putting immense pressure on the industry to rethink development and how to approach reimbursement and real-world data to create a win-win for them and healthcare systems. They also need to develop the agility to respond rapidly to change. The search to secure market advantage continues, and the need for those organizations serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to respond to this new world is equally challenging.

This white paper defines how pharmaceutical and biotech companies can identify and select the right consulting firm partner to aid in its commercialization efforts based on meeting a modern set of criteria defining how to best face the challenges of the future. 

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