Looking ahead in oncology

Exploring the expanding usage of cell and gene therapy with the experts  

The live panel discussion will be hosted virtually on

April 19 - 2021, 10 AM ET.

Lisa Logan
Oncology Vetran
Join Lisa Logan and a group of oncology experts in discussing the possibilities of CAR T-cell therapy expansion to treat solid tumors as well as the implications on the current and future landscape of treatments across tumor types.

You may have seen the recent news that advances in cellular engineering have now made it possible to target CAR T-cell therapy against solid tumors. This got us wondering – if CAR T-cell therapy, which is potentially curative in the liquid tumor space, proves effective in solid tumors as well, what does this mean for the targeted therapies and immuno-oncology agents which are currently dominating the treatment landscape in solid tumors?

How will treaters trade off the sky-high costs and logistical obstacles of CAR T-cell therapy with the familiarity, “simplicity” and relatively lower-priced treatments they are currently using for solid tumors? And what could mean for other emerging cell and gene therapies (i.e., TIL, TCR, NK) in the coming years?

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