KMK Patient Journey Analysis Leads Global Pharma Brand To More Accurate Forecasting

A top ten pharmaceutical company contracted with KMK Consulting to provide a patient journey analysis on its recently introduced medication serving a small, rare disease patient population suffering with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Forecasts based on market research of the patient journey were not being met, and senior management needed a reset based on a more evidence-based research approach of the patient journey. KMK was a proven resource to the client, demonstrating […]

Uncovering an Accurate Target Call List for a Drug Treating Sickle Cell Disease  

All Insights Share with Peers Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email Published On Background A top ten pharmaceutical company had introduced a drug in 2019 to treat sickle cell disease (SCD) and were not sure they were reaching all the possible HCPs/Accounts with patient potential. Overall performance of the […]

Now Is The Time To Use An Interactive Flow Diagram To Tell Patient Narratives

Background The digital evolution of the pharmaceutical industry has made it easier to track various aspects of a patient’s journey and represent complex data with interactive and understandable flow diagrams. Rather than simply plotting possible pathways, these intelligent diagrams and graphs enable healthcare practitioners and researchers to explore and analyze hidden relationships and receive instant […]

Data Assessment In Action

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN KMK assisted one of its clients with its ophthalmic product launch. Before the engagement, the data had already been purchased by a vendor without any data assessment and was deemed adequate for the pre-launch. However, one-month post-launch it was found that the reported sales volume per vendor was much lower than […]

How to Use Social Media for Market Research

In preparation for partnering meetings in Japan, our client needed quick, but insightful understanding of diabetes treatment from the perspective of the patient. In response, KMK mined Tobyo, a social media website to analyze diabetes patient diaries and develop a deep dive view of the Japanese diabetes patient experience. Market research in social media is […]

Agile Market Research Approaches, the Way to Faster Results

Company work environments are fast paced and have a demand for quicker, real-time data results in order to make confident business decisions. Across industries, the need for speed is more urgent in order to take action and keep up or outpace competition. Advances in technology, software, and data are changing the ways businesses operate. Time […]