Consultant, Commercial Analytics C00295

Full career experience in an analytical role within the pharmaceutical commercialization realm. Hands-on programming experience with IMS and Symphony data. Familiar with full cycle sales operations analyses especially for mid to large-sized pharma. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (Feb 2015 – Present)Commercial Analytics Consultant ⦿ Perform descriptive and predictive analytics using various data sources (e.g. […]

Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics C00381

A seasoned consultant with demonstrated proficiency in building a reporting system and developing segmentation and targeting marketing strategies. Well-versed in sales analytics, Business Intelligence, customer targeting, and data management. Equipped with advanced technical and statistical skills, they are adept at turning complex data into actionable insights. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (July 2023 – Present) Senior […]

Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics C00378

Data-driven and ambitious professional with a strong analytical background and diverse experience in building statistical models and developing business strategies. Highly skilled in the areas of big data analytics, data mining, and machine learning. Holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (2023-Present)Senior Associate, Commercial […]

Associate, Advanced Analytics C00379

A result-oriented professional with a strong track record of success in conducting detailed analysis of call plans. Skilled in finding call dismissal reasons, flagging HCPs based on dismissal reasons, and comparing quarterly and monthly call plans. Holds a master’s degree in Analytics and Information Management from Purdue University. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ […]

Associate, Commercial Analyst C00373

Analytically driven and ambitious professional with a diverse background in supporting ad hoc requests, and promotional response projects. Proficient in Excel, Python, SQL, and SEQ tools. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ (Sept 2022 – Present)Associate Commercial Analyst ⦿ Finished the intensive fundamental training to learn fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry, including Pharma Companies, […]

Senior Data Analyst Consultant, C00311

Proactive data analyst consultant with a strategic mindset and a track record of delivering results. Demonstrates expertise in maintaining and updating Datamart, data visualization, and diversification analysis. Proficient in outlining patient journey frameworks, providing strategic insights along with disease progression statistics. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ (Jul 2019 – Present)Senior Data Analyst Consultant ⦿ […]

Consultant, Commercial Performance C00283

The seasoned consultant brings over seven years of experience and a wealth of expertise in analytics, insights generation, and brand performance enhancement. Skilled in SAS, SQL, Tableau, and more, they have successfully led data-driven initiatives, optimized sales force strategies, and made significant contributions to commercial excellence. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (Feb 20 – Present)Manager […]

Associate, Business Analyst C00377

Proficient associate excelling in data analysis and visualization utilizing tools like Tableau, Power BI, SAS, Snowflake, and Alteryx. Made significant contributions in optimizing sales strategies and streamlining processes, demonstrating a talent for turning data into meaningful insights. Professional Experience: KMK Consulting INC (Commercial Analytics Consultancy) (Jul 2021 – Present)Associate Business AnalystClient- Pharmaceutical Company ⦿ Supported […]

Senior Consultant, Commercial Analytics, C00101

Experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in analytics, consulting & management for US healthcare industry with strengths in claims and affiliations data. An IIT Graduate skilled in Python, PySpark, Big Data Analytics, SQL, Alteryx, and Microsoft Office. Professional Experience: KMK Consulting Inc., NJ  (May 2021 – Present)Associate Director ⦿ Algorithmic Market Share Projection: Create […]

Sr. Associate, Advanced Analytics C00229

Solid background in Math, Statistics, and Finance. Experienced in data preparation, prediction, data visualization, and providing data-driven recommendations in the pharmaceutical industry Industry and Project Experience KMK Consulting Inc., Morristown, NJ (Jun 2018- Present)Senior Associate A pharmaceutical firm- Market Access ⦿ Develop a process to identify missing and problematic transactions submitted by Specialty Pharmacies, helped […]