It is time to use an Interactive Flow Diagram to Tell Patient Narratives

With the ever-increasing degree of digitalization of health records of various kinds, it has never been easier to track different facets of a patient’s journey. Not only it is now possible to trace all the different events associated with one particular medical encounter, there are also ways and means to probe into what happens before […]

How to become the Iron Man of Data Analytics?

Do you feel sluggish or lethargic most days? Are you susceptible to catching colds? If you blame the “daily grind” for why you’re feeling rundown, you might be overlooking a simple nutrient deficiency. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin — part of our red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body’s tissues. In addition, […]

Exploring the significance of Real World Evidence and Real World Data

The terms Real World Evidence (RWE) and Real World Data (RWD) appear more and more in industry discussions and within FDA reports. The pharma industry is embracing RWE and it is quickly becoming the next big thing in industry intelligence. FDA guidelines have been published for using RWE in clinical studies and the FDA is […]

HEOR Principal Huanxue Zhou’s Manuscript in BURNS Journal

KMK HEOR Principal Huanxue Zhou‘s latest manuscript: Healthcare resource utilization, treatment patterns, and cost of care among patients with thermal burns and inpatient autografting in two large privately insured populations in the United States. Highlights • Major economic burdens exist for thermal burn injury with inpatient autografting.• This cost burden is mainly driven by initial hospitalization with autografting.• Resource […]

Smarter Real World Evidence: A Flexible Client-Centered Dashboard Can Help Data Tell a Better Story

If analyzed correctly, compelling data can serve business needs and reveal commercial opportunities. The KMK Real World Evidence Dashboard is a customized client-centered approach to help biopharmaceutical companies reach intuitive conclusions faster, save significant time on re-analysis, and improve recall and comprehension with a clean graphical approach to sharing the story inherent in the data. […]

HEOR Principal Huanxue Zhou’s Manuscript in International Journal of MS Care

KMK HEOR Principal Huanxue Zhou‘s latest manuscript has been published. The title of the article is Impact of Switching to Fingolimod Versus Injectable Disease-Modifying Therapy Cycling on Risk of Multiple Sclerosis-Related Relapses. A PDF of the article is available for download. Background: Clinical and real-world studies have shown significant reductions in MS relapses in patients receiving fingolimod versus injectable disease-modifying […]

Real World Evidence to Support Payer Negotiation

How do you prove a product’s value to negotiate pricing with a payer?  Our client, a large global pharmaceutical company, was facing a market access problem for their newly launched product. Generic treatments have been widely available for many years in this particular therapeutic category. Although the efficacy of our client’s product has been demonstrated […]

Leverage Anonymized Patient Level Data (APLD) to Identify Market Opportunities

How can you use patient level data to help rebound from a sluggish product launch? Our client, a growing specialty pharmaceutical company, has a new product approved for treating two different diseases. After a year on the market, however, the new drug’s uptake is not as fast as expected and sales are underwhelming. The client […]