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Associate Director, Advanced Analytics (C00104)

A dedicated professional committed to delivering exceptional value and results to clients. The skillset of project management, stakeholder management and team management will assist in understanding your vision, anticipating your needs, and tailoring solutions that not only meet but also surpass your goals. With excellent business acumen focused within the pharmaceutical consulting industry, this expert brings a unique blend of advanced analytics, promotion mix modeling, patient-level data analytics, brand analytics and sales force effectiveness aimed at addressing your challenges.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc. – Morristown, NJ (March 2021 – Present)
Associate Director, Advanced Analytics and Commercial Acceleration
⦿ Serve as Onsite Data Science Manager for pharma giant’s commercial acceleration/ digital transformation business unit for enhancing brand performance.
⦿ Implement optimization (Sales, Resource, Payermix, Patientmix) methods framework including leading the project, guiding the team and brainstorming with leadership to implement it in their upcoming strategy.
⦿ Execute cross-functional projects with client and offshore team on which includes projects like Omnichannel Orchestration/NBA, Test and Control Analysis, Campaign Management, Market Mix Modelling, Budget Optimization Lift using Machine Learning, Resource Allocation, and other Data Science-driven solutions.
⦿ Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to understand business requirements for products and projects to develop brand strategy using sophisticated brand analytics techniques.
⦿ Analyze statistical data, import data from multiple sources, join datasets, clean & preprocess, data wrangling and visualizations.
⦿ Apply machine learning (ML) and deployment of models to enhance their strategic imperatives for brand performance (Deep Learning, CNN, NLP).
⦿ Storyline with leaders to create a tangible plan and collating statistically validated insights for designing exhaustive customer centric (HCP/Patient) strategy.
⦿ Prepare training material for advanced analytics/ data science which can be leveraged to train colleagues/ juniors.
⦿ Deploy various ML algorithms for various business problems (Like recommender system, Hyper personalization, Clustering, Neural Networks, Hidden Markov Models, Bayesian Anova Models).
⦿ Develop team by actively participating in hiring, training, and on-boarding teams for client-ready roles.
⦿ Employ patient-based analytics to build Predictive Models/ Classification Model for better adoption of brand.

Management Consulting Services Firm (July 2019 – Feb 2021)
Associate Consultant, Decision Analytics – Business Consulting
⦿ Created Promotional Effectiveness Model, Sales Force Effectiveness Model for Pharma clients in US, Europe (France/ Germany), Japan and China.
⦿ Built Data Science/ML-driven R Shiny-based app to solve problem statements to predict digital affinity and to perform promotion response.
⦿ Orchestrated NBA for one pharma client using SF for Omni-channel Campaign Optimization and acted as SME for building recommendation engine for other stakeholders.
⦿ Executed strategy projects on resourcing and deployment which included segmentation, sizing, targeting, alignment, placement, and promotional response and budget optimization projects; created hyper-personalization models to overcome patient journey gaps.
⦿ Built Recommender Systems using hybrid matrix factorization for predicting digital affinity.
⦿ Managing the client, handling the onshore, understanding the requirements from the stakeholders to provide them with best possible analytical solutions using various tech-platforms, handling team of 4-5 associates and training them for domain expertise.
⦿ Worked on major integration of two big pharma giants in revenue optimization using Greedy/CoByla algorithms as well as resource management strategy, forecasting strategy and data science implementation for their digital analytics domain.

Life Science Software & Data Analytics Company (Oct 2018 – July 2019)
Business Associate, (Decision Sciences)
⦿ Mentored associates for Alteryx to help transform their processes from various interfaces and automate the same; participated in hiring process as subject matter expert for Alteryx.
⦿ Developing revenue optimization models like MMX model and promotion response model.
⦿ Developing predictive analytics/ classification model using techniques like random forest, clustering, decision trees for pharma clients.
⦿ Built Monte Carlo models for evaluating feasible scenarios for forecasting framework.

Large Pharmaceutical Company (Feb 2018 – Sept 2018)
Business Analyst, Market Effectiveness Strategy
⦿ Conducted region-specific Forecasting Strategy Models for Oncology as well as Immunology franchise.
⦿ Worked on a small NLP project to develop the interactive user-based interface using Python (Django framework).
⦿ Communicate with stakeholders to understand the business requirement, propose solutions, demonstrate mock-ups and roll-out deliverables to develop business reports.

Business Process Management Firm (July 2016 – Dec 2017)
Business Analyst
⦿ Executed several market analytics projects for blue chip pharma companies, primarily involved in analytical projects for companies in US/Europe.
⦿ Built ARIMA models for forecasting and evaluating brand opportunity also worked on creating response models and predictive models for identifying gaps and opportunities in the brand strategy.
⦿ Worked on multiple situation analysis using Conjoint analysis, Sentiment Analysis.
⦿ Worked extensively on project models based on MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, dashboard development for pre-launched products as well as marketed products based on VBA.

Technical Skills

Tools: Dataiku, AIML, Python, R, Alteryx, TensorFlow/Keras, GitHub, Qlik Sense, SAS, Azure, AWS, Tableau, Advanced Excel, PowerPoint, SQL, Python, Power BI, RPA, Salesforce


Master’s Degree in Biotechnology
Amity University – Noida, India

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