Skilled in commercial data analytics, specifically through supporting sales operations, business planning and promotion strategy evaluation in the pharmaceutical industry. Experienced with IMS National Prescription Audit data, IMS National Sales Perspective Dollar data, IMS Xponent, aPlantrak data and patient-level data (APLD). SAS advanced programming skills in Alteryx Designer Core and machine learning with Python.

Industry and Project Experience

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KMK Consulting Inc. Jul 2017 – Present

Patient Data Analytics using SAS/Python

⦿ Conduct Real-World Evidence (RWE) analysis on Marketscan and Symphony APLD databases, including patient profile, treatment adherence and persistence, and healthcare resource utilization
⦿ Develop machine learning models upon Symphony APLD data to help patient identification. Reduce the noise of raw data through unsupervised auto-encoder, leverage deep neural network, and assemble random forests to predict potential patients from a rare oncologic disease
⦿ Design matrix to inform business plan by leveraging Symphony APLD data. Visualize uptake/share/distribution of patients and HCPs upon various KP ls, and compare pre-post changes to uncover market potential

Brand Analytics for Marketing and Sales Force Effectiveness

⦿ Conducted sales review and targeting using IQVIA Rx data plus call & sample data.
⦿ Clustered physicians based on prescription behavioral traits to target high-value potential writers and built promotion response curve by segments to recommend optimal call/sample allocations.

Email Marketing Effectiveness T&C Model Analysis

⦿ Built an ROI model of an email promotion campaign for promotional impact evaluation.
⦿ Placed physicians into test & control groups and assessed physicians’ prescribing performance, such as speed of adoption and growth, and verified the promotion efficacy by conducting a 2-sample t-test.

Physician Payment Data Mining for Competitive Analysis

⦿ Mapped N Pl for 93% of HCPs within CMS database (500+ GB) from fuzzy approaches, and 80% of the mapped HCPs were at a high confidence level.
⦿ Categorized payment records to reveal targeting strategies of key players in the market and provided references for executive decisions.

Technical Skills

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Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint Others: SQL, Tableau, Power Bl


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Master of Statistics
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA (2017)
Bachelor in Mathematics
South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China (2015)
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