A seasoned professional well-versed in pharmaceutical analytics and reporting. The ability to transform complex data into actionable insights, coupled with a dedication to accuracy and compliance, positions expert as a key asset in harnessing data-driven strategies for your organization’s success within the pharmaceutical landscape. Presenting data-driven insights in a clear, concise manner empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc – Morristown, NJ (Feb 2022 – Current)
Associate, Data Analyst
⦿ Create business intelligence dashboards and visualizations to produce insights to program data in ways that assist in translating organizational problem statements into actionable decision-making practices.
⦿ Build data visualization dashboards and reports based on the business need in Tableau using SQL, SAS, and database sources.
⦿ Satisfy ad hoc requests identifying key indicators for gaps in sales & tracked different marketing campaigns using flags in Dashboards.
⦿ Work on Enhancement for IC payout dashboards on Tableau and other feature requests for KPI dashboard.
⦿ Contribute to Customer Insight Projects based on rating and frequency.
⦿ Run KPI & Stack Rank reports on weekly basis for field distribution.
⦿ Maintain refresh schedule and proactively communicate with the field teams in case of delays or issues.
⦿ Responsible for weekly load process for both retail and non-retail teams, and load process for monthly payer report
⦿ Manage quarterly updates for Product Bag & Alignment changes.
⦿ Possess expert understanding on national, regional, district and territory level sales.
⦿ Environment: Tableau, SQL, SAS, Excel, Click up, Management Studio

Consulting Firm – King of Prussia, PA (Apr 2021 – Jan 2022)
Pharmaceutical Data Analyst
⦿ Used Management Studio for extracting, manipulating, and updating specialty pharmacy data and prepared production files for end client.
⦿ Conducted quality checks of data using SQL code for the production files.
⦿ Communicated and collaborated with specialty pharmacies and data vendors to ensure quality data by matching the control totals file at the end of every month.
⦿ Created compliance report and score cards report for specialty pharmacies and submitted to end client on quarterly basis.
⦿ Used Jira for tracking the projects and communicated with the internal team members for project-related tasks.
⦿ Delivered ad hoc request from clients.
⦿ Conducted weekly meetings with clients for production related issues and provided solutions.
⦿ Clearly explained complex technical concepts to non-technical collaborators.
⦿ Delivered weekly files and reports in a timely manner
⦿ Environment: Oracle, Excel, Jira, Management Studio, Sql

Medical Institute – Indianapolis, IN (Sep 2020 – Mar 2021)
Health Data Analyst II
⦿ Used Oracle, Management Studio and SAS for extracting, cleaning, and managing the data for research analysis and prepared data sets for study teams.
⦿ Conducted individual meetings with Biostatistician and transformed algorithm and research questions into queries.
⦿ Provided datasets in standard format and reviewed results and recommendations with Senior Data Analysts.
⦿ Built SQL Scripts to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
⦿ Used Jira for tracking workflow and allocating time for each project.
⦿ Used Redcap, Google secure storage, Microsoft Teams and Box Health for secure storage of data; created variables in Redcap using online designer to release multiple datasets.
⦿ Used different databases like IUH and INPC to retrieve, manipulate, and analyze the large data and prepared the dataset for the study team.
⦿ Used SAS datasets and procedures such as proc format, proc tabulate, proc report, proc transpose, proc print, proc SQL for managing data, creating reports, data cleaning and validation, merging and updating the datasets.
⦿ Developed dataset as per the IRB protocol whether to release the identified or de-identified or limited data files to the study teams.
⦿ Completed the HIPPA and CITI training to release the PHI data to the Biostatistician.
⦿ Used ICD-9 and ICD-10 to pull the diagnosis code data from the IUH and INPC as per the remediation of the study teams.
⦿ Environment: Oracle, Excel, Jira, Management Studio, Redcap, SAS, Wiki

Healthcare Firm – Boston, MA (Aug 2018 – Jan 2020)
Health Data Analyst
⦿ Validated data and developed precise analytical reports utilizing Tableau.
⦿ Employed MS Excel, SQL, Pentaho, and IntelliJ for screening the data, analyzation, synthetization, and development of large data files.
⦿ Secured and stored data using Amazon AWS software prior to client onboarding and during implementation cycle.
⦿ Supplied quality control data for onboarding tenants while acting as liaison between Insurance Carriers/TPA and ETL team.
⦿ Used MS Excel and Pentaho for testing the layout for mapping the fields as per the company requirement.
⦿ Tracked workflows of each group, security schemes, custom fields, dashboards, and reports configuration using Jira.
⦿ Developed relationships with Data Vendors by collaborating on new data storage and delivery technologies as well as processes – focusing on standardization and reduction of complexity.
⦿ Used ETL tool Pentaho for designing the jobs and transformations and loaded the data sequentially & parallelly for initial and incremental loads.
⦿ Developed transformations in Pentaho to extract, transform, and load the healthcare insurance eligibility and claims data to a database.
⦿ Built SQL scripts to identify data issues and provide resolution to improve data quality.
⦿ Worked with design, analyzation, synthetization, and development of large data files using Pentaho, MS Excel, SQL, and Tableau.
⦿ Managed projects including planning, strategizing, controlling quality, scheduling, and communicating with vendors and clients.
⦿ Responsible for verification of receipt and secure storage of all data prior to client onboarding and during the implementation cycle.
⦿ Environment: Pentaho, MySQL, Excel, Tableau, MS Access, Jira, AWS Redshift, Salesforce, IntelliJ


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Spreadsheet Modeling & Decision-making (Business Analysis)
⦿ Used Advanced Excel options (Solver) for optimal choice
⦿ Performed investment optimization, Monte-Carlo simulation, time series analysis, networking modeling, moving average and logistic regression.
Data Modeling & ETL
⦿ Created mappings using transformations like Source qualifier, SQL, Aggregator, Expression, look-up, Router, Filter, Update Strategy, Joiner, Stored procedure etc.
⦿ Implemented Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) & built ETL Model using Microsoft Visual Studio and Management Studio;
⦿ Transformed ETL into Data warehouse
⦿ Price fluctuations of financial stocks
⦿ Algorithm trading technology
⦿ Financial Modeling with Excel

Technical skills

Data Analysis Tools: SAS, Tableau, Advanced Excel, Pivot Tables, V-lookup, VBA, SPSS
Software Tools: SQL Server Management, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Oracle
Language & Databases: SQL, Excel
Programming: Familiar with Python, JAVA, C++, Hadoop, MapReduce, AWS
Analytical: Regression, Classification, Random Forest, Clustering, Optimization, Time series
Other: WebFOCUS, REDCap, JIRA, SalesForce, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Jira


Master of Science, Business Analytics (Data Science) – Texas A&M University
Key courses: Advanced Statistical Methods, Optimization and Decision Modeling, Data Warehousing, Marketing Research, Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Database Management, Analytics Programming, Big Data Analytics Self-study courses: Python Programming, Multivariate Analysis, Predictive Modeling, SAS Programming

Master of Business Administration, Finance – Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Key courses: Econometrics, Investment Management, Financial Management, Time Series Analysis, Management Information System, Financial Modeling, Project Management

Bachelors in Finance with Economics Minor, Programming – Kathmandu Nepal
Key courses: Financial Derivatives, Risk Management, Computer Programming I & II, Investment analysis and decision

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