Strategic, curious, and results-driven business analyst with 7+ years of experience in designing and building data-driven products and solutions. Possess strong communication skills and excellent ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams. Annual Hackathon – Special recognition for advanced analytics in the year 2017 for developing a data mining analytics tool to gauge brand health using sentiment analysis on the web discussion forum for medical representatives.

Industry and Project Experience

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KMK Consulting Inc.,
Associate Manager, Data Science (Jan 2022 – Present)

⦿ Leading the data discussions with the client’s data science team to scope and define data pipelines to unify disparate data sources and reduce turnaround time to monitor and optimize key campaigns by ~50%
⦿ Conceptualized and designed 5+ Executive dashboards using Qlik Sense by defining and visualizing KPIs to improve site selection for clinical trials
⦿ Designed and developed a companywide marketing mix modeling course and case study, took sessions, and assisted in developing core competency inside the organization

Pharma Consulting Firm,
Data Science – Project Leader (Jul 2020 – Jan 2022)

⦿ Improved effectiveness of marketing effort by 26% QoQ by designing novel market segments and optimizing messaging to align with the segment profile for a $25B brand in the US market.
⦿ Decreased customer churn by 4pp/quarter by improving targeting strategy. Enabled agile strategy implementation by designing executive dashboards to help senior leadership course-correct based on simplified KPIs and visuals.

Pharma Consulting Firm (Mar 2015 – May 2019)
Data Science – Associate Consultant (Jul 2017 – May 2019)

⦿ Increased marketing effectiveness by 18% by reallocating ~$10MM of investment to major digital promotion channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. using panel regression models, for a fortune 100 client
⦿ Increased spend efficiency for Direct TV and digital media platforms by ~15% by designing complex attribution models using structural equation modeling and optimizing channel allocation
⦿ Measured performance of ~$150M of DTC marketing (TV, Radio, website etc.) using panel regression models
⦿ Profiled US geography using K means and hierarchical agglomerative clustering and created a VBA based sub-national playbook for cluster-based targeting, assisting sales rep in targeting ~23K customers across 120 territories

Data Science – Associate (Mar 2015 – Jun 2017)

⦿ Collaborated with business technology and business operations teams to design and develop automated python modules to streamline big data analytical requirements
⦿ Predicted and reduced brand discontinuation by ~20% by generating customized field force alerts
⦿ Developed and maintained database schema using complex SQL queries to prepare for ad-hoc requests and track key performance metrics for the brand

Software Development Firm, Consultant (Jun 2014 – Feb 2015)

⦿ Worked at client location offering product and service guidance as a support engineer.

Data Analytics Projects:

Humana-Mayes case challenge – Opioid addiction (Fall 2019)
⦿ Improved the accuracy of a model predicting opioid addiction using medical event data for opioid patients by 13pp.
Customer Acquisition using Google Analytics (Fall 2019)
⦿ Using Google Analytics built a machine learning model to measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns and increase website conversion rates. Created a self-trained seasonal ARIMA model to forecast future conversions with ~0.35 RMSE.

Technical Skills

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Languages: Python, R, SQL, C++, SAS, Spark, VBA, PySpark (Databricks)
Database: Redshift, Teradata, Hive, MySQL, Oracle
Technologies: Advanced Statistics, A/B testing, Media Mix modeling, Time series Forecasting, Classification, Clustering,
Optimization, PCA, Ensemble Methods, Digital Marketing Analytics, Data Visualization
Tools: JupyterNB, R Markdown, PyCharm, Tableau, Qlik, PowerBI, Advanced Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Word
Data sets: APLD, Promotion data, DDD and Xponent,
Other skills: MS PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, team and task management


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Master of Science in Business Analytics
The University of Texas at Austin (2022)
Bachelor of Technology, Electronics & Communication
National Institute of Technology, Patna (2014)
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