This consultant provides advanced data modeling techniques to support new product launches. By playing a key role they offer our clients guidance, particularly in the realm of new product launches, empowering them to set achievable sales goals and establish effective incentive compensation (IC) structures. By applying sophisticated data modeling methodologies, they’ve helped organizations develop realistic yet ambitious sales targets.

Professional Experience

Large Pharma Company (Sept 2021 – Present)
External Consultant
⦿ Cleanse, organize and analyze data used for market report and analysis
⦿ Collect and provide modeling of data for new product launches.
⦿ Update and maintain key target list based on sales performance and academic activity for target products.

KMK Consulting, Inc. – Morristown, NJ (Aug 2020 – Aug 2021)
⦿ Extracted data, reinforced and maintained compliance with client’s business rules and generated IC reports.
⦿ Performed forecasting analysis for sales goal setting, designed IC plan for sales field force based on goal attainments, tracked the performance of sales field force by processing the sales data.
⦿ Maintained and matched prescribers’ information, such as master profile, sales records, target list.
⦿ Generated sales performance scorecards on a regular basis and produced payroll list at the quarter end.
⦿ Organized the prescriber system by adding new writers and updating info of existing writers.
⦿ Visualized the trend of historical data and verified the attainability of expected growth rate.

University of Science and Technology – Shanghai, China (July 2013 – Aug 2017)
Organizer for International Affairs and Undergraduate Advisor
⦿ Negotiated and maintained over 25 long/short-term international exchange programs with universities overseas
⦿ Advised over 400 students on ECUST’s academic systems, arranged and assisted them for seeking internship and employment.


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Sales Volume Forecasting of an Anti-Obesity Medication (Sep 2019 – Dec 2019)
Compiled marketing research report; found the series trend of the historical sales data; predicted the sales volume in future years by building a regression model; visualized the prescribing behavior of writers by analyzing the relationship between sales and influence factors.

Predict the Survival on Titanic – Project on Kaggle (Nov 2018 – Dec 2018)
Imputed missing data and built training model based on the raw dataset using Python;
fit the logistic, and random forest models from MLLib packages to predict the results of survival; achieved 78% accuracy score, among the top 30% of 11.5k teams.

Prediction of Speed Dating Results – Project on Kaggle (Oct 2018 – Nov 2018)
Imputed missing data and build the training model based on the raw dataset using Python
performed Logistical Regression using Python to predict the results of speed dating and give recommendations to participants

Prediction of Speed Dating Results – Project on Kaggle (2014)
Publication: Wei-Jia Zhou, Yan Ni, Gao-Wei Zheng, Huan-Hui Chen, Zhi-Rong Zhu, Jian-He Xu. (2014). “Enzymatic resolution of a chiral chlorohydrin precursor for (R)-α-lipoic acid synthesis via lipase catalyzed enantioselective transacylation with vinyl acetate.” Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 99: 102-107.

Technical Skills

Tools: SAS, SQL, Excel, Python, Visio, ARENA


Healthcare Systems Engineering
M. Eng. Lehigh University – Bethlehem, PA     

M. S. Bioengineering
East China University of Science and Technology – Shanghai, China

B. S. Biotechnology
East China University of Science and Technology – Shanghai, China

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