Proficient associate excelling in data analysis and visualization utilizing tools like Tableau, Power BI, SAS, Snowflake, and Alteryx. Made significant contributions in optimizing sales strategies and streamlining processes, demonstrating a talent for turning data into meaningful insights.

Professional Experience:

KMK Consulting INC (Commercial Analytics Consultancy) (Jul 2021 – Present)
Associate Business Analyst
Client- Pharmaceutical Company

⦿ Supported the Go-Live in building and maintaining of Tableau Dashboards which catered to more than 1000 sales-reps.
⦿ Identified and flagged the Physicians not writing the particular product for better monitoring and targeting.
⦿ Analyzed the datasets to construct weekly NBRx Dashboards which showed the weekly and YoY growth for different products.
⦿ Programmed the SQL codes in Snowflake and SSMS for designing the base datasets to model the dashboards.

Client- Pharmaceutical Company

⦿ Worked on SAS(PROC SQL) on sales and prescriber datasets to assist the medical sales team to achieve their physician targets.
⦿ Creation of Master Data by performing operations on data received from data sources like IQVIA and SYMPHONY.
⦿ Automated workflows in Alteryx to fetch data from Snowflake Warehouse and perform data cleansing operations.
⦿ Focused on the Product Pre-Launch Targeting, Alignment, Sales Force Sizing and Performance Analysis.
⦿ Developed ship-share models to calculate the demand and the shipment performance for better understanding of the drug.
⦿ Built automated IC Calculator in Power BI and Tableau to find the overall payout based on Commission and the MBO based plan.

Wire Manufacturing and Drawing Industry (Sep 2018 – Apr 2020)
Business Operations and Supply Chain Analyst

⦿ Forecasting the demand and monitoring the assembly process with inventory planning and product analysis using Python.
⦿ Developed interactive visualizations in Tableau to identify KPI’s to increase the efficiency of the production cycle by 3%.
⦿ Implemented lean principles such as 5S for standardization and waste elimination creating a more work friendly environment.

Board Game Manufacturing Company (Jun 2020 – Aug 2020)
Business Analyst And Marketing Analyst

⦿ Estimating the supply based on the data collected and stored using MS SQL and mapped it with existing wordpress website.
⦿ Tracked and reported website traffic using Google Analytics to better understand the demand and target area for the product.
⦿ Used green belt methodology which include define, measure, analyze and improve phases to improve lead calls by 12-15%


Small Scale Business Survival Guide During COVID-19 (SAS, Excel) (May 2021)

⦿ Using SAS for studying and exploring the NJ and NY market around to provide solutions to businesses to survive in the tough times of economic recession.
⦿ Use of clustering by different methods for collective evidence to provide a list of short-term and long-term solutions.

Global Trade Analysis (Excel, Macros, Python, Tableau) (Dec 2020)

⦿ Researched the supply chain disruptions in the Global Trade since 1988.
⦿ Forecasted the effect of recession on the supply chain network in 2020 by using the 2008/09 model which was affected by the recession period using XGBoost algorithms in Python.
⦿ Analyzed the data to improve efficiency in the trade network and solve the problem of price fluctuation.
⦿ Created dashboards on Tableau to better visualize and understand the data and thus predict any future disruptions

E-Billing and Invoices in product management (Netsuite, Excel, Power BI) (Sep 2020)

⦿ Augmented an application to help the store owners optimize inventory records and improve the overall sales by 4%
⦿ Developed a dashboard using BI tools to relate the departments like purchase, sales and inventory
⦿ Applied six sigma and agile principles to analyze sales data and operational excellence.

Sugarcane-Ethanol InterContinental Trade (Google Analytics, Excel, MS Office) (May 2017)

⦿ Executed Trade of sugarcane from Brazil to USA for manufacturing sugarcane ethanol at Lamar University-Texas.
⦿ Conducted cost analysis, calculated the finances, and return of investment for the project and best route for the same.

Suitable Assembly Sequence for Maximizing production of a car (Excel, Python,R)

⦿ Collected real time data to estimate the assembly sequence to formulate and document the model using Monte-Carlo Simulation.
⦿ Graphed and compared the results to conclude the maximum production assembly line.
⦿ Engineered the predictive maintenance algorithm using R to detect, diagnose and predict failures to improve machine capabilities.

Technical skills & Certifications:

Technical Skills:   Python, Advanced SQL, Alteryx, Snowflake, R, Tableau, Power BI, SAS, MS Office, Excel (VBAs, Macros, Lookups, Pivot Tables), Minitab, SAP, MATLAB, ROS, GAZEBO, NetSuite, Trello, JMP, ValueTrak

Certifications & Training: SAP for Material Management, SAP for Supply Chain Management, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Global Issues In Engineering Management, MATLAB Fundamentals


Master of Science in Engineering Management (May 2021)
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (Jun 2019)
Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU), India

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