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A result-oriented professional with a strong track record of success in conducting detailed analysis of call plans. Skilled in finding call dismissal reasons, flagging HCPs based on dismissal reasons, and comparing quarterly and monthly call plans. Holds a master’s degree in Analytics and Information Management from Purdue University.

Professional Experience

KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ (Sept 2022 – Present)
Associate, Advanced Analytics (Client: Pharmaceutical firm)

⦿ Supported ad-hoc request around call plan analysis for a team to track KPIs around call activity. Reported findings on individual HCPs from the call plan for a better restructure.
⦿ Performed a detailed call plan analysis for client field force to find call dismissal reasons for the client field force and flagged HCPs in various buckets based on dismissal reasons
⦿ Currently working on a detailed call plan analysis to compare previous quarterly call plans with the upcoming AI generated monthly call plan with a goal to find overlap and points of difference

Software CompanyStudent Data Science Consultant (Jan 2023 – Present)

⦿ Developed a heuristic model to aggregate shipment ETAs from multiple carriers to provide a singular ETA and understanding of container vendor reliability, outperforming current model by 9%.
⦿ Provided data-driven insights for 392 geographical ports and 54 carrier companies by bucketing them based on their predicted ETA accuracies making it easier to use model for decision-making.
⦿ Identified top performing carriers and ports for which model-provided accuracy was higher than captured data.

Consulting and Technology firm – Business Operations Associate (Jul 2021 – Apr 2022)

⦿ Generated reports to draw insights on Market Access strategy for regional managers, increasing client product adoption by ~4.5% on major national insurance formularies across US and an 8% increase in number of patients covered nationally. Provided actionable insights on implications of current strategy through client engagement.
⦿ Optimized salesforce team allocation in vacant territories to increase promotion efficiency by 2.5%, salesforce reach by 2.4% translating to 6.7% increase in prescriptions and savings of ~$300k in operation costs across pilot territories.
⦿ Onboarded 4 interns with guidance on project knowledge and tools like Tableau, Excel and Python.

Consulting and Technology firm – Business Operations Associate – Intern (Nov 2020 – Jun 2021)

⦿ Analyzed Copay usage trends for client portfolio and competitors, to optimize Out of Pocket cost for Copay, increasing number of monthly Copay users by 3%
⦿ Designed and setup automated and interactive Tableau and Excel dashboards to replace existing PowerPoint presentations as client deliverables, increasing report delivery frequency by 50% and reducing report turnaround time by 70%

Projects & Competitions

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2023 Crossroads Classic Analytics Challenge – 2nd place out of 54 teams across 4 universities

⦿ Implemented an ensemble of XGBoost and LGBM models to predict individual seat occupancy for Indianapolis Colts NFL team with an accuracy of 90.91%. Used ADASYN data augmentation technique to address class imbalance.

Ad Classification on Craigslist (Nov 2022)

⦿ Designed a Linear SVC model to correctly classify ~6% misclassified ads on Craigslist with an accuracy of 95.12%.
⦿ Performed topic modelling to find topic distribution of ads and categorize misclassified ad into correct sub-category.

Realtime Crypto Prediction using Google Cloud

⦿ Procured live streaming data from Coinbase API and archive data from Comarkets by creating pipelines on GCP.
⦿ Predicted market volume and exchange rate with 83% accuracy, presented insights on a Looker Studio dashboard.

Technical skills

Languages and Tools: Python, R, SQL, C, Advanced Excel, VBA, Access, Visio, Power BI, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Minitab, @Risk, SAS Enterprise Miner, Smartsheet, MS Project, Jira

Frameworks and Platforms: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, Keras, NLTK, Scikit Learn

Core Competencies: Statistical Modelling, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, Time Series, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, Analyzing Unstructured Data, Data Mining, Image Captioning, Big Data, Change Management, Agile

Licenses and Certifications: Tableau Desktop Specialist, AWS Cloud Practitioner


M.S in Business Analytics & Information Management (Jun 2022 – May 2023)
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

B. Tech in Electronics & Communications Engineering (Jul 2017 – Jun 2021)
MIT World Peace University, IN

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