Consultant, Commercial Analytics C00295

Full career experience in an analytical role within the pharmaceutical commercialization realm. Hands-on programming experience with IMS and Symphony data. Familiar with full cycle sales operations analyses especially for mid to large-sized pharma. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (Feb 2015 – Present)Commercial Analytics Consultant ⦿ Perform descriptive and predictive analytics using various data sources (e.g. […]

Analytics Consultant (C00381)

An exceptional analytics consulting expert well-versed in patient claims data analytics, sales analytics, and possessing valuable exposure to marketing strategy and market access within the pharmaceutical landscape. Their multifaceted expertise enables comprehensive solutions tailored to your pharmaceutical business needs, ensuring strategic success and market competitiveness. Professional Experience KMK Consulting, Inc (July 2023 – Present)Senior Associate⦿ Support […]

Senior Associate, Commercial Analytics C00378

Data-driven and ambitious professional with a strong analytical background and diverse experience in building statistical models and developing business strategies. Highly skilled in the areas of big data analytics, data mining, and machine learning. Holds a master’s degree in computer science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (2023-Present)Senior Associate, Commercial […]

Associate, Advanced Analytics C00379

A result-oriented professional with a strong track record of success in conducting detailed analysis of call plans. Skilled in finding call dismissal reasons, flagging HCPs based on dismissal reasons, and comparing quarterly and monthly call plans. Holds a master’s degree in Analytics and Information Management from Purdue University. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ […]