Associate, Commercial Analyst C00373

Analytically driven and ambitious professional with a diverse background in supporting ad hoc requests, and promotional response projects. Proficient in Excel, Python, SQL, and SEQ tools. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ (Sept 2022 – Present)Associate Commercial Analyst ⦿ Finished the intensive fundamental training to learn fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry, including Pharma Companies, […]

Senior Data Analyst Consultant, C00311

Proactive data analyst consultant with a strategic mindset and a track record of delivering results. Demonstrates expertise in maintaining and updating Datamart, data visualization, and diversification analysis. Proficient in outlining patient journey frameworks, providing strategic insights along with disease progression statistics. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. Morristown, NJ (Jul 2019 – Present)Senior Data Analyst Consultant ⦿ […]

Consultant, Commercial Performance C00283

The seasoned consultant brings over seven years of experience and a wealth of expertise in analytics, insights generation, and brand performance enhancement. Skilled in SAS, SQL, Tableau, and more, they have successfully led data-driven initiatives, optimized sales force strategies, and made significant contributions to commercial excellence. Professional Experience KMK Consulting Inc. (Feb 20 – Present)Manager […]