Exploring a Physician’s Why – A Webinar on Cognitive Interviewing

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN In seeking to understand physician treatment decision-making, we are interested in two fundamental concepts: what physicians do and why they do it. Cognitive interviewing provides a highly effective approach to exploring the physician’s treatment decision-making process without directly asking the question “why?”. In so doing, this valuable qualitative research technique gets […]

The Pandemic, Politics & Pharmaceuticals

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN While it’s no secret that the pandemic and political unrest have impacted nearly every aspect of the American economy this year, many of the changing dynamics shaping the pharmaceutical landscape have yet to be fully explored. Get this content Emailed

The Art of Building a Flexible Sales Force During COVID-19

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN The emergence of COVID-19 this year has made everything more complicated. Planning for a product launch while managing a sales team in the COVID-19 economy presents a number of unique challenges for an emerging pharmaceutical company. Questions regarding sales structure, forecasting, and customer experience each contribute to the decisions required for […]

Localizing Your BioPharma Commercial Strategy

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN A roundtable discussion co-hosted by KMK and The Exequor Group Explore the current trends in the healthcare market and how to leverage business intelligence tools to best manage your commercial teams! Get this content Emailed