Allergan and Bausch Health Identified as the Top Companies Driving Therapeutic Innovation in IBS

Morristown, N.J., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ In an ongoing series of research conducted by KMK Consulting, Inc. covering Innovation & Customer Value, Allergan and Bausch Health (backed by its Salix division) were ranked as the top companies best poised to deliver therapeutic innovation in the IBS market. The research was conducted in February 2020 among 250 gastroenterologists, using KMK’s Rapid […]

Readjusting Your Field Force in the World of COVID-19

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is changing our lives drastically and also putting pressure on pharmaceutical companies to immediately adjust their promotional strategy. Digital promotion tactics may be a long-term investment consideration, but the more pressing question is how should you make adjustments to your upcoming payout calculations and next quarter’s incentive compensation plan? What alternative […]

How to Reach Oncologists when Face-to-Face Interaction is Impossible

Introduction How do you reach oncologists when face-to-face interaction is no longer an option? Which social media channels are doctors using to gather medical information? In KMK’s Customer Value and Innovation Study we learned that oncologists working in breast cancer can be divided into two distinct groups with surprisingly different behaviors. The value of support […]

High Cost of Medication Tops the List of Challenges for Gastroenterologists Treating IBS

Background Providing value “beyond the pill” means that biopharma must deliver on a range of service dimensions that physicians value. KMK Consulting’s Innovation and Customer Value survey in IBS looked at the most important challenges faced by gastroenterologists in managing IBS, as well as the most important service offerings from pharmaceutical companies to help them […]

What are the most important asthma products and what makes them superior?

KMK Consulting’s recent Innovation and Customer Value Survey in asthma explores pulmonologist perspectives on the most important new asthma therapies introduced in the past two years, the innovations they are looking forward to in the next two years, and the companies they see as best positioned to deliver them. To learn more view the infographic. Pulmonologists […]